Month: May 2023

digital footprint 24 hours

For this task you had to make a DLO and find about our history so we had to put in what you had last done.I have learned that what ever you do even if onilne even if you remove it it will be there but what happens to it you wouldn’t be able to see it but others can if you remove it you will not be able to see but others can.I thought that this task pretty fun.This  the steps 1. make a DLO (use google drawing)  2.Check your history (how to check your history ctrl h) 3.Get the logo of the things you have done and then get some footprints. 4. Pick your backgound (I think this should be first but you can just send it to front).

U-Turn response to text

U-Turn is about a boys mum and she gets a fine for the books she got she went to the libary the fine was 22 dollars and the mum yelled at the libarn for sending the fine it turns out that her husband was why they got the fine it turns out that the dad dropped off  the  books at the wrong spot so thats why they got a fine the libran told them that even if  he dropped them off at the wrong spot they still have to pay the fine thats when the mum said atleast my husband drooped them off you should give me a discount the libran said We do not give discount’s then the mum said That’s a lie my friend works here and give’s me a discount everytime then the boy listening to everything he ran away then the mum said Where are you? I’m doing this for you and me.

Food groups

Did you know that there is 5 food groups.The food groups are important it shows us the foods that gives us protein and the name of the food groups are protien,grain plus dairy even fruits and vegetables in the protien food group it has steak,egg and spaghetti even bean.Now grains it has rice and rice and there is more but now it time for dairy milk, Cheese and yougurt.Fruits group it has pear and apple with mango and thats all. Here is what is looks like:

Right time right place

I have been learing about using my laptop right you should only on your class site or the tab you are supposed to be on if you dont you will get in trouble with your teacher and you can get a virus on your laptop.If you dont listen this will happen you have to tell them what happen and you get in more trouble so you should only be on the thing you are meant to be on and you always should not touch links from random people if they send you one and if you do that may install a virus.Plus if you are using a hard drive be careful beacuse is may a virus in there and it will break your device then you will no longer have it so allways be careful and always be in th right place at the right time.