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Filipino tradition

This is a filipino tradition I made this because I am filipino and my teacher mr Goodin asked everyone in my class room to make our tradition.

Perfect paper plane retell.

This is a retell of a boy who tell’s his friend his friend named Brad and the boy is named Josh he say’s that he is bad at origami read as Josh find’s out that paper plane’s are origami.

Retell of a gift for auntie Ngā

This is a retell about a girl her name is Kiri her auntie Ngā birthday is coming up next month Kiri and her mum knits a tīvaevae it’s auntie Ngā birthday so Kiri and her mum and dad fly to Rarotonga for her auntie Ngā birthday so they celebrate with many foods and singing dancing as well then she gives auntie Ngā her birthday gift auntie Ngā is so happy the next day Kiri and her mum and dad leave Rarotonga.
This story is by Don long and illustrated by Judith kunzlé.