Month: April 2023


this is some of my work about anzac and did you know hitler was in ww1 and ww2 and did you know that it so dirty that some soldiers died berfore going to war.

Anzac Quatrefoil

I have been learing about Anzac soldiers and there is a art called ‘Quatrefoild’ and its for the dead soldiers and soldiers here is my art.


school hoilday

Today is my last day I decided to write a recount.

I had a bit of fun today I got ready and then I went to school I sat down then I listen to my teachers and they said we could watch a movie.

We had a inside play we made a google draw template to make a taniwha we were put into pairs and we were given paper to draw on first.

I had lots of fun when making the taniwha then the next thing we did was eat then we played.

Then I went inside again.

Then we started packing the stuff after that we had lunch we also had inside play I did some arts I gave my friend a gift because it’s easter I made a easter card for my parents then my friend gave me a paper purse she made it I added some decorations and I said I would miss her.

There was a assembly and one teacher that used to teach came back and when the assembly ended everyone went to say hi or take care me and my friend hugged.

I will miss her but I had fun and she also braided my hair.

I am gonna have a great hoilday.

bar garh

How many people like the same color? and what’s your favourite color?