Day: April 6, 2023

school hoilday

Today is my last day I decided to write a recount.

I had a bit of fun today I got ready and then I went to school I sat down then I listen to my teachers and they said we could watch a movie.

We had a inside play we made a google draw template to make a taniwha we were put into pairs and we were given paper to draw on first.

I had lots of fun when making the taniwha then the next thing we did was eat then we played.

Then I went inside again.

Then we started packing the stuff after that we had lunch we also had inside play I did some arts I gave my friend a gift because it’s easter I made a easter card for my parents then my friend gave me a paper purse she made it I added some decorations and I said I would miss her.

There was a assembly and one teacher that used to teach came back and when the assembly ended everyone went to say hi or take care me and my friend hugged.

I will miss her but I had fun and she also braided my hair.

I am gonna have a great hoilday.