Day: May 18, 2023

U-Turn response to text

U-Turn is about a boys mum and she gets a fine for the books she got she went to the libary the fine was 22 dollars and the mum yelled at the libarn for sending the fine it turns out that her husband was why they got the fine it turns out that the dad dropped off  the  books at the wrong spot so thats why they got a fine the libran told them that even if  he dropped them off at the wrong spot they still have to pay the fine thats when the mum said atleast my husband drooped them off you should give me a discount the libran said We do not give discount’s then the mum said That’s a lie my friend works here and give’s me a discount everytime then the boy listening to everything he ran away then the mum said Where are you? I’m doing this for you and me.