Today We are learning about decimals like 6.7 for our learning my teacher noticed that many of us are good at math when there is money involved I am going to help people that don’t understand with my DLO on explaining it.


On wednesday ls1 had hpe we did this thing called discus you basically throw this type of ball  thing and how far it goes is your score its every fun but if you get one that’s too hard it can slow you down but I enjoyed it then we had a race we had to swap teachers for the race it was fun.


I enjoyed running

I need to work on running

what I need to work on is discus and running 


Today we are learning about prototypes and why we have them a prototype is a machine that we use to test designs they are important because they help designers with looking for problems that is why they are important they are used in many places it shows on how important they are.


On Monday Ls1 had cybersmart and we went top hoyts for school movies so ls1 made a movie but sadly it wasnt showen so after it students were told to relpy to people that went to see it my teacher blooged our movie so later we went to check and it was filled with comments it was really fun relpying to them I enjoyed it.